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Bed Lift Kit - MattressJack®

Bed Lift Kit - MattressJack®

Posted by MattressJack® on Feb 15th 2021

Our bed lift kits will help you raise your mattress up 10" in air, allowing you to reach under the mattress for tightly tucked sheets without the strenuous bending or lifting. Save your back from, install a MattressJack® in just a few minutes, and access underneath your mattress for easier bed making.

The simple installation and the fact it remains hidden while not in use helps make MattressJack®the #1 bed lifter available! You can purchase our bed lifting kits with free delivery for a limited time. Another new addition to our mattress lifting kits is the Reed Switch, a hidden control switch option which uses a small magnet fob, this compact control option helps to prevent inadvertent activation of the MattressJack® system by a curious kid's fingers or guests. 

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