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Housekeeping is a hard job.
The MattressJack® makes it easier. We’ve got your back!

Installs discretely with two great control options
Sheet tuck is maintained during deflation
No more kneeling, excessive bending or lifting
60 seconds for inflation and deflation alike
Raise the heaviest mattress 10" to a safe working height

The MattressJack® makes bed-making easy. Designed by physicians so that the hardest thing you’ll do is fluff the pillows.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are associated with high costs to employers such as absenteeism, lost productivity, and increased health care, disability, and worker’s compensation costs. The MattressJack® significantly reduces the risk of back and joint injury which is great for employer and employee alike.

Product Overview

The MattressJack® is a Cal/OSHA Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP) solution.

The MattressJack® is the ideal product to comply with the California/OSHA standard for “Hotel Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention (MIPP)” that went into effect on July 1, 2018.

The Cal/OSHA standard applies to “lodging establishments, “ which is defined as any establishment that contains sleeping room accommodations that are rented or otherwise provided to the public, such as hotels, motels, resorts, and bed and breakfast inns.

Under the new rule, each covered employer is required to establish and maintain a written musculoskeletal injury prevention program (MIPP) that addresses hazards specific to housekeeping. The standard specifies that the MIPP may be incorporated into an existing injury and illness prevention program (IIPP) or maintained as a separate program, and must be readily accessible each work shift to employees (including electronic access).

Ergonomically friendly bed making you will love

Providing an ergonomically friendly solution that reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injury

Design quality materials

Rigorously tested and ETL certified for long lasting use

Patented Technology

Our Patented Technology ensures that the MattressJack® will make bedmaking effortless

Tucking sheets is now a breeze

Whether you choose our Basic model or our Premium version with our patent pending “tuck ring”, your sheets will remain in place even while the MattressJack® deflates

An ergonomic solution you will love

Frequent bending and manipulation risks back and joint injury.The MattressJack® makes the bed making task easy

ETL tested and Certified

The MattressJack® system has been rigorously tested and certified for years of long lasting use.

The ideal control solution for hotels. Helps mitigate COVID-19 concerns.

Hotel Cleaning Standards now focus on enhanced hotel cleaning practices, social interactions, and workplace protocols to meet the new health and safety challenges and expectations presented by COVID-19. These key initiatives hinge on "no touch" or "low touch" solutions for guests and staff alike. Our Reed Switch control solution allows the MattressJack® system to be invisible to the guest ("no touch") while the small magnet fob can be easily cleaned by the housekeeper ("low touch").

The MattressJack® is COVID-19 cleaning compliant AND the ideal ergonomic solution for housekeepers. Two great solutions with one amazing product.

Reed switch

We’ve got your back

MattressJack® is the fast, easy way to make your bed and change your bed linens. When placed between your mattress and foundation, the MattressJack® uses a stream of air to lift your entire mattress approximately 10 inches to a comfortable working height. Once inflated, you can easily remove your sheets and replace them without kneeling or bending. Once your new linens are securely tucked around your mattress, MattressJack® deflates within 60 seconds, remaining invisible and in place underneath your mattress until the next use. Best of all, your sheets remain tucked and aren’t going anywhere!

Find your MattressJack®
  • It installs discretely in minutes and offers a variety of installation options.
  • Patent-pending feature lets the MattressJack® hold the bed sheets securely under the mattress ensuring a neat, tight tuck every time.
  • You easily can make your bed or change your sheets without kneeling or excessive bending.
  • Once your linens are tucked and secured, MattressJack® deflates within 60 seconds, remaining invisible until your next use.
  • 60 seconds to inflate a Mattressjack® versus a lifetime of discomfort from lifting heavy mattresses.

    Bending over to lift heavy mattresses or to tuck sheets affects muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. This can happen suddenly or over time.

    The MattressJack® makes bedmaking effortless and significantly reduces back and joint strain from lifting or manipulating heavy mattresses.

    Bed-making made easy. Let us help

    Hospitality workers bend frequently, lift heavy mattresses and make upwards of 15 beds each day. The risks of microtrauma to the back and joints that accumulates over time OR an acute injury from bending or lifting is significant.

    Let the MattressJack® do the work of lifting for you. Make the bed.  Save your back.


    Let us help make housekeeping easier

    The MattressJack® effortlessly raises the mattress 10” from the bed platform. No more lifting and bending! The risk of musculoskeletal injury and joint strain is now greatly diminished.

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    Bed-making made easy.

    Conventional bedmaking is uncomfortable. Repetitious bending and lifting risks injury. Mattresses are becoming heavier.

    The MattressJack® is your solution!


    Bed-making made easy. The hardest thing you'll do is fluff the pillows.

    Your ergonomically friendly solution to bedmaking.