Hospitality Industry


A MattressJack® on every hotel bed would make the bed making task easier and safer by decreasing the risk of lifting injuries. Fewer injuries translate to fewer sick days, fewer worker compensation claims, and lower insurance costs for the hotel operator.


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hotel workers have markedly higher injury rates than other service industry workers on average: 5 injuries per 100 workers, while the average for all service industries is about 3.4 injuries per 100 workers.
A 2009 report in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine found that housekeepers have higher (7.87 per 100) injury rates than other hotel workers, including banquet servers (2.82 per 100), dishwashers (5.97 per 100) and cooks (5.99 per 100).
The 2010 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that housekeepers had a higher risk of back injury than auto workers who manufactured vehicles and parts.