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Raise the mattress up to you.
Securely and easily tuck your sheets and have them remain in place during deflation.

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Installs discretely with two great control options
Sheet tuck is maintained during deflation
No more kneeling, excessive bending or lifting
60 seconds for inflation and deflation alike
Raise the heaviest mattress 10" to a safe working height

Choose your MattressJack®

Basic Bladder

The MattressJack® is the fast and easy way to make your bed. When placed between your mattress and foundation, the MattressJack® uses a stream of air to lift your entire mattress 10 inches to a comfortable working height.

If you select the Basic bladder, at least 8 inches of sheet overhang is recommended for an adequate sheet tuck.

If you select the Premium bladder, at least 6 inches of sheet overhang is recommended to ensure that the sheets are sufficiently tucked between the mattress and bladder

Short sheets? No problem…check out our proprietary TuckBoard® below!

Premium Bladder

For short sheets, our optional Tuck Board® is your solution!

This accessory can be easily installed on top of either the Basic or Premium bladder and it hugs the mattress edge so that even the shortest sheets can be easily tucked and held in place while the MattressJack® is inflated.

MattressJack Tuck Boards come in a pack of two for either side of the mattress.

Best of all, your sheets remain tucked during deflation and aren’t going anywhere!

The MattressJack® was designed by a group of physicians to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury and joint strain while making the bed.
60 seconds to inflate the MattressJack® versus
a lifetime of injury from lifting a heavy mattress.

Let the MattressJack® do the work for you. We've got your back!

Ergonomically friendly bed making you will love

Providing an ergonomically friendly solution that reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injury

Design quality materials

Rigorously tested and ETL certified for long lasting use

Patented Technology

Our Patented Technology ensures that the MattressJack® will make bedmaking effortless

Tucking sheets is now a breeze

Whether you choose our Basic model or our Premium version with our patent pending “tuck ring”, your sheets will remain in place even while the MattressJack® deflates

An ergonomic solution you will love

Frequent bending and manipulation risks back and joint injury.The MattressJack® makes the bed making task easy

Your ergonomically friendly solution to bedmaking.